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Meet Sunitha Sandeep

Expert & Trauma-Informed Inner-Transformative Executive Coach

Sunitha is a thought leader who has been actively challenging the cultural fallacy that stress, struggle and burnout are a prerequisite for creativity, happiness and success. 

Coming from a high performing corporate leadership background, being a trauma survivor herself and having recovered from severe anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, insomnia, tension myoneural syndrome, chronic pain & chronic fatigue syndrome, she has had the first-hand experience of a radical inner-transformational journey.

She is also a speaker, technical corporate leader, multi-pageant winner, creative artist, wife and a mom to two children.

Combining Spirituality, Science & Practicality To Unleash the Limitless Human Potentiality!

Her mission is in exploring and unleashing human potential using Ancient Wisdom, Scientific Healing and Conscious Embodiment.

​Her work continues to evolve in alignment with the real-life concerns of the modern-day seeker of peace and fulfillment in an increasingly chaotic world. 


She teaches truly life-transforming methodologies intricately weaving eastern practices of contemplative awareness inquiries & mind-body-heart-energy connection with western practices of somatic trauma healing, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy & emotional intelligence.


Sunitha holds the following qualifications:

  • Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

  • Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner

  • Certified Trauma Support Specialist

  • Certified Integrative Wellness Inner-Transformation Coach

  • Certified Spiritual Coach

​​"Much of our lives have been in inner struggle and conflict. We consciously or unconsciously engage in thoughts and actions to manage our feelings, and they eventually end up controlling us."

"We live in a story in our heads that is always trying to get us to do something, be somewhere else or even be someone else, telling us we need to try to make ourselves and our lives better and different from where and what we are now. In this perpetual trying, we have forgotten to experience, align and connect with life, which, ironically, is what we are seeking.

​To integrate ourselves means to accept all parts of who we are – the good and not good, the strong and not strong, the kind and unkind.

I help dive deep into aspects of your consciousness that might have been suppressed, not ready to be accepted, yet to be owned or integrated. Rather than seeing them as problems, they are seen as doorways to our freedom, to our potential.

I guide you to cultivate curiosity, compassion, and trust so you can be fully present in your life, and in this presence, you not only heal your inner wars but also become an inspiring presence to others.

Much of my teachings will point you to yourself, the deep within place of intelligence, compassion, and trust ..

​​-Sunitha Sandeep

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