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Image by Jason Goodman

Signature Coaching Program

Do You Ponder Over These Questions?

You’re not Alone

I Get You.  I Was You. And I’m here to tell you, there is a BETTER way!


You are not Alone. Your personality and life experiences maybe unique, but these feelings are not. It is the desire, the yearning we have from thousands of years...


To tap into the creative SPARK within...  To connect to the deepest SELF...  To realize the limitless POTENTIAL...

And I am here to tell you, show you, guide you that there is definitely a way to do this...

Find the miracle WITHIN YOU

What some high impact yet grounded leaders have in common is something you and I have as well: a connection to a deeper part within you that allows an incredible potential to come forward and express itself in everything you do.


When you are in touch with that part of yourself, you are effortlessly amazing: wise, powerful, filled with compassion and creatively engaged with life.


You have a twinkle in your eye, empathy in your heart, and an expanded sense of possibility in your mind.

Image by Tyler Lastovich

Ready for a Radical Inside-out Approach?

Most approaches are outside-in and treat the symptoms.


The reason none of them work is because they don’t get to the root cause of why high- achievers feel this way.


These approaches are like a band-aid on a broken arm. What if I told you that:

  • It is not about walking away from a successful career or job or even taking a sabbatical and trying hard to find your purpose and calling...instead, it is about being purposeful no matter what you do

  • It is not about looking for a perfect relationship mate... instead, it is about understanding the relationship you have with yourself… 

  • It is not about wanting to feel better... instead, it is about becoming better at feeling…

  • It is not about doing things you love... instead, it is about loving everything you do…

  • It is not about finding joy... instead, it is about understanding what’s blocking your innate joyful true nature..


In fact, it is not even about replacing your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, mindset and feelings with positive ones.
Instead, it is about mastering the inner game to finally be the Awakened You!

The A.W.A.K.E. Transformative Program

It is a proprietary system that is individualized and customized for each participant, that addresses and integrates the key pillars of human wellbeing: mental, emotional, physical, relational, social, occupational and spiritual.


It has been researched and developed with over 15 years of research in various fields that include Science, Consciousness, Somatic trauma healing, Positive Psychology, Contemplative Inquiry and Holistic wellness


This intentionally designed approach creates a lasting transformation addresses the root cause of our suffering and struggles within, and it equips leaders with the foundations to flourish and lead their lives with clarity and alignment.

A.W.A.K.E. uses an efficient and effective 5-step process of

  1. AWARENESS: Increase awareness of triggers, symptoms and hidden fears of high achieving individuals and turn the weaknesses into superpowers at the mental, emotional & somatic layers. You will finally stop beating and blaming yourself. You will learn the true meaning of self-care. 

  2. WITHIN: Inquiry practices to go deep within and transform fears, traumas and dysfunctional habits to have a new understanding and relationship to ourselves at both the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. There is a super power in knowing and meeting ourselves at a deeper level and you will learn the art of using your struggles to catalyze your next-level expansion. You will finally go beyond your limiting beliefs into the world of limitless possibilities.

  3. ACTION: Take effortless action and discover how to listen to the vast intelligence of your body and being, and make conscious choices that allow acceptance, compassion, surrender and alignment to accelerate your transformation, making you extremely self-confident, with high self-esteem. You will stop procrastinating, set boundaries, trust yourself more, and you will develop real courage to live your life fearlessly. Racing mind, worry, anxiety, burnout, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, lackluster feeling - will start to dissolve.

  4. KINDLE: Light the spark and realign with your core values and authentic self so that you can be guided by your internal compass and explore the limitless future and abundance that is available as you reconnect with your heart’s true desires. You will have complete clarity on what you want, what steps to take and how to turn on the fuel of inspiration & creative energy. Joy, peace and fulfillment will naturally increase in your life. You will start shifting from your masculine energy to the effortless feminine energy of peak potential.

  5. ENGAGE: Engage with life in a conscious way with an ability to be centered and present, wherever and whenever possible, to enjoy life's precious moments impacting and helping you reach the next-level professionally, personally and in your passion and purpose. You become unstoppable. You will become a conscious leader, conscious professional, conscious parent/partner/daughter/friend/sister and aligned purpose will naturally start flowing in.

A.W.A.K.E. is a space where miracles happen. You’ll get out of your head and into your real life. Out of your psychology and into a world of limitless possibilities.


You have a twinkle in your eye, empathy in your heart, and an expanded sense of possibility in your mind.


Isn’t it time that you stepped into a new way of living, where you are completely A.W.A.K.E.  and immersed in the beauty of what’s truly possible?

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