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The Authenticity of Fear

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

The Authenticity of Fear - Sunitha Sandeep Executive Coach
The Authenticity of Fear

Fear is NOT the opposite of love Fear is only seeking for love

Fear is NOT negative or bad Fear is only seeking for acceptance

Fear is NOT low-vibration or wrong Fear is only seeking to be conscious

Fear is NOT unevolved or shameful Fear is only seeking for tenderness

Fear is NOT unspiritual or non-divine or non-sacred Fear is only seeking for openness to alchemize with the WHOLE

Fear is NOT a victim-shaming story of low frequency that manifests illness or suffering Fear is only innocently lost and lonely, looking for warmth and compassion

Fear is NOT a guilt-ridden story of faulty vibration that attracts abuse or misfortune Fear is only energetically dense and tense, looking for fluidity and clarity

Fear is NOT a self-prophetic story of control, conquer, affirmation or personal mastery Fear is only forcefully held-in, traumatized & grasped, looking for freedom & release

Fear is NOT an identity story of victim or empowerment Fear is only expressing what was once suppressed, avoided and shamed

Fear is NOT a spiritual-seeking story of love, light, transcendence and illusion Fear is only looking to be humanly felt & experienced

Embracing Fear is embracing Reality

Embodying Fear is embodying Humanity

Exploring Fear is exploring Self

Intimacy with Fear is Intimacy with LIFE!

-Sunitha Sandeep, Coach

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