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Willingness to face your Brokeness

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Willingness to face your Brokeness - Sunitha Sandeep Executive Coach
Willingness to face your Brokeness

My friend, do you run away from your fear, your scare, your pain, your secret rage, your trauma or your private grief?

My friend, do emotions of restlessness, worthlessness, loneliness, dissatisfaction, despair, meaninglessness or guilt visit you in the dark, when you seem to be alone?

My friend, do you shove all your unwanted feelings under your belly, building crusts of psychological and emotional defensive fortresses?

My friend, does it haunt you when your inner conflicts convince you that you are still not enough and you try to silence and cover that up with the many things to do, things to get and accumulate, things to achieve and things to improve?

My friend, do you try to suture your broken heart, shut your restless mind and band-aid your emotional wounds to prevent the mess of humanness from oozing out to your external world, where you have only portrayed your perfection?

My friend, do you turn away from the past disappointment, failure, rejection and regret, trying to fix them and prove yourself through appreciation, validation, recognition and approval from yourself and your fellow mates?

And Oh my friend, do you finally look to the path of spirituality as a salve for everything you think is wrong with you and convinced that holding on to the transcendence or higher vibrations/frequencies will somehow land you in a place of unending ecstasy and joy?

Oh dear friend, Listen closely to that deepest knowing within you, a knowing that arises out of emptiness and goes back into emptiness

Welcome openheartedly all the unwanted visitors that are knocking your heart from the inside, opening yourself to being naked and vulnerable to the fear and pain they carry

Experience directly and viscerally every broken feeling that arises, with unconditional curiosity, willingness and trust for all they want is to be seen, accepted, acknowledged and loved

Reject and cling on to nothing, on either sides of polarity - neither good nor bad, neither high nor low, neither positive nor negative

Surrender courageously to the deepest abyss and falling within, through the deep void pit of your belly, into a place of no abiding

For, these unwanted feelings, emotions, sensations - these moments of brokeness are doorways to your freedom within,

For, your shattered and wounded heart is an entrance to the place of your unconditional presence within,

For, your falling down to your knees is not a punishment but a grace from within,

For, your suffering and trauma is an invitation to connect to your Source within,

For, your darkness is the pathway of annihilation of everything you are not within,

For, it is in this moment, moment by moment, you are reborn onto yourself, creating, expressing and experiencing yourself, from within,

Because one day, finally, you will realize, that your Brokeness was Holy, Sacred and Divine, it was in fact, a pure act of GRACE waking you up!

-Sunitha Sandeep, Executive Coach

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